Alex Spatzier Architects

  • Aqua Addition
  • Client -–––
    Location Richmond, CA
    Dates 2019 - Ongoing
    Program Family Addition and Porch
    Size Addition +750 SF
    Size Renovation 250 SF
    Status Construction 2021

    Along the east side of this existing house runs a highy used public trail on agricultural land. Evertime we visited the dogs, runners, and casual walkers would pass by their dinning room window. In this unusual site condition we found an opportunity to reinvent the face of the house, creating a new side-porch and entry along the east side.

    Working with this conceptual idea of a side porch, we designed an addition that would enable the family to live in their house during most of the construction. This decision enabled an addition that worked as counterpoint to the existing 50s bungalow house. It's new appearance from the ridge is one of multiple buildings neslted together. The addition creates a private exterior space towards the west. Towards the east we captured expansive views of rolling hills in the san pablo resevoir.