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  • We combine building science and conceptual architect inside a single pratice. We work at various scales from objects to furniture, cabinetry too, always interiors, modest additions, new and old/historic residential, commercial, institutational, and master / urban planning. Our tools include the familiar and the atypical – pencils, level lasers, erasers, thermal cameras, various 3D modelings softwares, imperial and metric tape measures!, real-time ray-tracing walk-through rendering, energy modeing and thermal simluations, client surveys, post- and pre- occupancy studies, various 3D modeling and CAD softwares, sometimes physical models, light simulations, cameras, a couple of phones, and somewhat simple sketches.

    Our services range from helping clients during pre-design to figure out what they need, and why. Feasability studies to analyze and imagine what's possible. Master Planning to determine the overwall organization of a site, and how to structure various phases of a project. Full Service Architectural Design where we work through every stage of a project, from research and conceptual design all the way through construction and final building comissioning.

    Most of our projects center around collaboration between our clients and the various other stakeholders in a project (an extended family, user groups, planning departments, and the builders who realize our designs). These collaborations are essential to our work and every project.

    If you're interested in working with us feel free to email, call or text.

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  • Phone 510 423 3204
    Mail 2000 Allston Way No 656, Berkeley CA 94701
    Studio 5621 Lowell Street A2, Oakland CA 94608
    IG @spatzier
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  • Project Information
    Oxford Renovation Berkeley, CA 2017
    Henry Porch Oakland, CA 2018
    Printers Studio Berkeley, CA 2018...
    Color Cottage Berkeley, CA 2018...
    Monte Vista Apartment Piedmont, CA 2018
    Riebli Renovation Sonoma, CA 2019
    Suburban House Santa Rosa, CA 2018...2021
    Aqua Addition Richmond, CA 2019...
    Ryan Kitchen Berkeley, CA 2019
    Ceramicist's House Detroit, MI 2020...
    Filmaker's House Los Angeles, CA 2020...
    Additional Additions Berkeley, CA 2020...
    Bed/Bath/Bench Berkeley, CA 2021...
    Lift House Oakland, CA 2021...
    Shadow House Friendswood, TX 2021...
    Ocean House Maine 2021...
    Atlas Road Housing Richmond, CA 2018, Study
    Pacific Ave Housing Santa Rosa, CA 2019, Study
    Linden Historic Addition Oakland, CA 2019...
    T&H Art Studio Oakland, CA 2019...
    Timber Workshop/Garage Oaland, CA 2019...
    Riebli Studio/Workshop Sonoma, CA 2019...
    Educational / Recreation
    Squash Learning Center Oakland, CA 2020...
    270 Sears Point Sonoma, CA 2020...
    Master Planning
    Atlas Road Housing Richmond, CA 2018, Study
    Pacific Ave Housing Santa Rosa, CA 2019, Study
    Riebli Ranch Sonoma, CA 2020...
    Stranger Confessional 2016
    Roaming No Signal 2016
    Shed/Sign, HVAW SF, Temporary 2016
    A Tent for Queens 2017
    Full Circle 2017
  • Client List
  • Selected Clients and References available upon request, please email us with a brief description of your project.
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