Alex Spatzier Architects


  • Tree / Studio / Porch
  • Client She, He and Tree
    Location Oakland CA
    Dates 2019 - 2021
    Program Writing Studio / ADU
    Size 330 SF
    Project Team Alex Spatzier, Lucas Almassy
    GC Dotto Construction
    Engineer Framework Engineering
    Energy Consultant Gabel Energy

    A writing studio and porch built around a tree.

    He wanted a room to write. She wanted a space to paint. They wanted a porch, but in their backyard. There was a tree – in the way. So we suggested they build a detached accessory dwelling unit – angled to avoid the tree. We cantilevered the deck to save the roots.

    The interior did not concern the Tree. But a room is not a space. So we placed the bathroom in the middle and made room for some space.

    The sky did mind, and wanted to know why it could not also see inside. So we suggested a window to the sky. Then the tree could also say hi!

    The tree agreed and so did they.

    Bathroom Door Knob Exterior Closet Detail Roof Overhang Detail Roof Plan Plan Section Section